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Consider the following pairs of statements. In each case, are the sentences logically equivalent?

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Some Chileans are philosophers. Some philosophers are Chileans.

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Melody is holding a total of three coins in her right hand. Melody is holding an odd number of coins in her right hand.

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Martha Nussbaum is a female and she’s a philosopher. Martha Nussbaum is a female philosopher.

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Carvaka philosophers tended to be atheists. Carvaka philosophers tended to not believe in the existence of God.

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The Indian tradition of Samkhya is metaphysically dualist. The Indian tradition of Samkhya affirms the existence of two distinct kinds of substance.

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All dogs are organic beings. No dogs are inorganic beings.

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Some dogs are not black animals. Some black animals are not dogs.

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Xunzi was a male Chinese philosopher. Xunzi was a Chinese philosopher.

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No ancient Jain philosophers are 21st century logicians. No 21st century logicians are ancient Jain philosophers.

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Plato wrote more books than Socrates. Socrates wrote fewer books than Plato.

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