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An enthymeme is an argument that is missing a premise, a conclusion, or both. For each of the following enthymemes, choose the addition that turns the argument into a valid deductive argument.

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Only gas-powered vehicles are allowed in the race. Therefore, Joe’s truck is not allowed in the race.

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You owe taxes only if you earn a profit. You owe taxes.

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Some mammals live in the water, for whales live in the water.

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Anyone who sympathizes with Kramer is unorthodox. Therefore, Susan is unorthodox.

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Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus. So, Pat is from Venus.

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All dictatorships trample on human rights. Therefore, the government of Ruritania tramples on human rights.

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Because all cats are felines, tigers are felines.

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Many adults are drug users, because caffeine is a drug.

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Nobody who eats fatty food is healthy. So, people who eat hamburgers are not healthy.

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If you watch television, then you get a superficial view of the world. So, you waste your time, if you watch television.

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