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Deduction and Induction

For each argument, state whether it is deductive or inductive. Some contain deduction or induction indicator words; others do not.

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Every rock-n-roll musician says that we should all eat corn for dinner every night. Thus we probably should eat corn for dinner every night.

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The sign placed by officials on the Statue of Liberty in New York City says that it was made by Peruvian artists. Thus the Statue of Liberty was likely made by Peruvian artists.

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The Atlantic Ocean lies between Africa and South America. Africa is immediately east of the Atlantic Ocean. Thus South America is certainly west of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Large, naturally occurring icebergs have yet to be found in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Thus it is likely that no such ice berg will be found there next year.

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No dogs are cats. No cats are mice. Thus it is guaranteed that some cats are not mice.

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German philosopher Georg Hegel was a space alien. Thus certainly Georg Hegel was a space alien.

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If Lady Gaga [the female singer] is an adult man, then Lady Gaga is a male. But Lady Gaga is not an adult man. Thus Lady Gaga is surely not a male.

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The U.S. military dropped many bombs on Iraq while fighting there. Bombs almost always explode, destroying things near them. Thus the U.S. military probably destroyed things in Iraq.

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If Michael Jackson was president of the United States, then he was a politician. Michael Jackson was a politician. Thus Michael Jackson certainly was president of the United States.

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The official sign posted at the edge of our campus says that this is Catatonic State University. Therefore, this probably is Bellevue College.

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No human has ever lived for 2000 years. Thus the current prime minister of England will probably not live for 2000 years.

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Some diseases can spread easily from one person to another by skin contact. Thus it is guaranteed that some diseases are contagious.

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Nearly all geometry teachers are serious when they say that triangles have three sides. Thus, on that basis, we can say that triangles probably have three sides.

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Either Thomas Aquinas was a writer or he was an astronaut. But he was not a writer. Thus he definitely was an astronaut.

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Some dogs are mammals. Some mammals are animals. Thus, some dogs are animals.

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